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I.P.P. serves as the ideal link between employer and human capital, seeking excellence and helping to improve the quality of life, ensuring legality and security for Mexican professionals and American entrepreneurs.

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samantha vazquez

​​Samantha Vazquez is a Regional Manager and a Recruiter in Mexico. She is a Veterinarian and a zoo technician and has a Master’s degree in Science. She specializes in the recruitment and placement of veterinary professionals and works closely with hiring managers to ensure the best possible connection is made between employees and employers.


International Professional Placements (I.P.P.) is a recruitment and placement firm that specializes in the pairing of Hispanic agriculture and veterinary professionals with dairy farm jobs, farming and livestock operations located in the upper Midwest United States.

Our recruiters are trained to see to it that our agriculture operations clients are able to fill open job positions with the best possible candidates. We maintain a nearly perfect placement record and work with both the employee candidate and the employer to ensure a mutually desirable connection is created.

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Jesus Ramirez is a Regional Manager and a Transition Advisor in South Dakota. He works closely with hired professionals on completing and filing necessary documentation, travel arrangements and placement details.

Jesus Ramirez

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